The hot interior trends for 2020

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The year may be flying by however there is still time to get on board with some of this year’s hottest interior trends.

Styling your home in your own style is important, after all, you want to put your stamp and personality onto your space. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look at the latest trends and take inspiration from this. I personally love looking on Pinterest for some inspiration, it is perfect for picking up ideas that we may use in our home. We might not follow everything to the letter however it is a good starting point.

If you are new to the interior scene or are just looking for a little inspiration to get you started, here are some of the hottest trends at the moment.


Lots of us are heading back to the basics when it comes to their interior. Grey has been very popular for the last few years and natural stone alongside this however recently sandy shades are back on-trend. I love grey and have it in our home however I can see how the warmer shades such as linen and oatmeal are coming back into trend. They give you that natural feel but with a bit of warmth alongside it.

If you are not looking to completely overhaul your room but want to bring some nude colours into your room to replace some maybe brighter colours this can be done with things such as rattan planters and baskets. It doesn’t need to cost lots of money when it comes to overhauling a room.

The hot interior trends for 2020


Up and down the UK many of us are trying to give our homes the extra space without the cost of an extension and one option for this is through a conservatory. It gives you the space needed but at a fraction of the price. Once you have your conservatory up, it then can be adapted to what you would like to use it for. Many use them as additional seating areas, some as dining space and more as office space which has been handy in the current climate.

Window dressings

Long gone are the days of boring windows and dressings. When we purchased our home we had simple double glazing put in with curtains, now there are more options for windows such as the on-trend sash windows, it is worth looking around if you are looking for some replacement sash windows and getting a good level of service if you have lots to do.

You will need to consider the number of windows you will need to dress before making a decision on how you do this. Personally I like to keep the windows as clean as possible and I love the look that roman blinds can give a room. However, this could be an expensive option if you have a lot of them to dress.

The hot interior trends for 2020

Canopy beds

More of us are moving towards canopy beds this year, bringing a touch of luxury to your own oasis. These beds have moved on from the days where they were solid wooden framed that made a room look and feel smaller. You are now able to get these in a variety of materials and colours to match any room.

One thing to consider with these beds is how you plan to dress them, the designs now can mean you may choose to leave them undressed or layer them up with simple fabrics to bring a softer look to the bed.

One thing for sure, if you do update a room to suit one of the current interior trends, as long as you love the design you have gone for you will always know that it will come back around on-trend. More importantly, though you will have a home you love.

The hot interior trends for 2020

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