Choosing the right children’s bedroom furniture

When we made adjustments to our home, we spent a long time choosing the right children’s bedroom furniture.

Both the children’s bedrooms are identical in size as we placed a wall up in the middle of one room to make it into two, this gave us two small single bedrooms.

This in itself has given us a few issues in planning as we were looking for the right beds to create the storage that was needed in a small room but also practical too. For a long time, the kids have shared a bedroom so had bunk beds and separate storage but with their own space, cabin beds seemed to be the best solution.

In the end, we settled for these beds, Pegasus White and Grey Wooden High Sleeper Frame from Happy Beds:

Choosing the right children bedroom furniture

Now don’t be fooled like we were thinking they wouldn’t take too long to make, they took hours however, it was all worth the effort.

The beds come with 3 draws at the desk area, the kids use this for their underwear, pj’s, hats etc. Then there is a good size desk with a couple of shelves.

Next to this, you get the pull-out wardrobe which has a huge draw at the bottom. This storage space is more than enough for the kid’s clothes and school bags etc. It wheels out and into making it easy for the kids to open and close.

The last part of storage comes under the stairs. Each stair has a cupboard with a door, so you end up with a bonus 5 storage cupboard. These are the best place to store those books, toys and a whole variety of rubbish the kids seem to accrue.

There are some other beds out there that are similar, all of which we considered. Each one has its own pros and cons depending on the size and space you have.

This one from Ikea was a close 2nd on our potential list. It had everything we were looking for and was fairly flexible in how you constructed it. It just didn’t have enough storage for us.

Another one we were considering getting was a Stompa high sleeper, we just found this didn’t really work for us as it was either all storage or more of a fun place, where we really needed a combination of both.

Children’s bedroom furniture market is huge. There is plenty of brands and stores selling furniture so it is worth doing your research and checking out reviews. It is a big investment when purchasing furniture so you want to make sure you get it correct.

Choosing the right children's bedroom furniture

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