Review of, a site to help you find childcare

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Things are changing in our home/work balance and as a result of that, we are going to be looking at our childcare options over the coming weeks and months.

Finding the right provider can be tricky though and it is not something you want to do without doing a little research first. Recently I was introduced to, this is a website which not only shows you the relevant childcare providers in your area but also shows you more about the provider, their qualifications and most important reviews from parents who use

This site has been used by over 2 million users to find suitable childcare providers for their children, so you are safe in the knowledge that you are on a site that is built to help parents.

Review of, a site to help you find childcare

How to use

Using the site is super simple, on the home page you can select your required childcare provision from the drop-down menu then input your postcode. This will then provide you with a list of all the providers in your area that match the requirements you put in.

Once you have this you are able to then find a suitable childcare provider for you. You will firstly see a list of all the providers with a short description of their services, the rating (which is a star rating based on parents reviews) plus the last thing you will see is the starting cost of the service they provide.

When you are ready to look in more details at the provider you feel is suitable for you, simple click view profile and this will take you into their individual profile.

On this screen, there is lots of different information provided, depending on what is added to their profile. These can include:

  • OFSTED rating (if they have one)
  • DBS status
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Whether they have a car for travelling

Then there is a whole section where the provider can introduce you to their setting. This is a great place for you to be able to get to know a little more about the setting, how they operate. Some also include things they do with the children, food offered and so much more.

I feel this is the place you will get to know more about your provider, giving you a chance to see if they are suitable for your needs.

Review of, a site to help you find childcare

If you are a childcare provider there is also the option to look for jobs on their site too. On the homepage, instead of selecting the provider, you need you are able to select childcare jobs or private tutor from the drop-down menu. Then you are shown the list of vacancies on there, from what I could see locally it was more parents pitching for the providers for their children.

I’ve found this site very useful for information on local providers and for looking into the costs the will be associated with changing our routine and work needs in September.

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