5 Reasons to choose wax melts over candles

There is nothing more I love than a lovely smelling home, whether this is wax melts or candles.

Over the last few years though I have found myself drawn more to having wax melts in our house rather than candles. This started when I got my first Scentsy wax warmer, I found that I preferred being able to change my scents more frequently than a candle that I would burn for 70+ hours.

I still love candles and always will be a Yankee Candle fan, however, I just love the ease of melting wax rather than the thought of burning a candle. Nothing worse than making your house smell lovely than losing the scent when you blow it out and get that candle smell!

5 Reasons to choose wax melts over candles

There are more advantages than just the scents as to why you should consider choosing wax melts over candles.

5 Reasons to choose wax melts over candles

  1. Flame free – This is a pretty obvious one, however, I love the fact that it is flame-free. I use an electric warmer which means I can have it anywhere near an electrical socket in our house and not worry about the flame.
  2. They are cheaper – The cost of the wax melts in relation to the hours burning time you get works out cheaper if you choose wax melts. There are many places you can buy your wax melts from too which means the deals you can take advantage of could also save you a little bit of money.
  3. Control your scent – Sometimes I find some candles can be a little too strong in their scent, however with a wax melt if you have a fragrance that is strong you can reduce the amount you add to your warmer.
  4. More environmentally friendly – The fact these have no glass being produced for them helps the environment. If you are really looking after the environment, my friend has just launched a wax melt business that comes with biodegradable bags, so no plastic in these either!
  5. Better choice – As I said previously, I love my wax melt warmer as it allows me to change the fragrance to suit my mood and the season.

Wax melts do not need to be expensive, once you have a wax warmer you can pick up your melts from so many places, including supermarkets!

Are you wax melts household or more of a candle person for your home fragrances?

5 Reasons to choose wax melts over candles

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