Quirky planters for your home

Bringing the outdoors in, not only works wonders for your health but also is amazing decor too. Long gone are the days of ugly planters in your home, there are some amazingly quirky planters for your home that are perfect for a variety of size plants too.

One of my favourite sites for quirky home items is Red Candy, there is just something about their items that I love and you will find them dotted around the house in all the rooms. From toilet roll holders to planters, there are just some gorgeous items on there.

So of course, the first planter I have found comes from there!

Tia the Turtle Planter

Quirky planters for your home

Succulents are hugely popular now and this planter is the perfect home for your succulents. The design and size also lend itself to you having all of your succulents in one place, plus they are going to look amazing as they grow in this.

Bear planter

Quirky planters for your home

I love this planter from Next, it’s natural look allows you to use this indoors or out but also look good wherever you choose to use it. Although it is made of resin, it looks as though it has been carved from wood and it is gorgeous.


Quirky planters for your home

Planters no longer need to be just round or boring, like these geometric planters from Baloo show. I love the shape of these planters but also the pop of colour you can bring to any room by simply adding these to the room. Just like we had mentioned in this post, there is no need to redecorate to bring colour to your home, you can do this with accessories instead!

Regardless of the size of your room or plant, there is a huge amount of planters out on the market. It is a chance to bring a bit of your personality to your home without it costing a small fortune, you can also change it up a little more often too.

Quirky planters for your home

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