Getting the perfect storage for children’s bedroom

You can never have enough storage for children’s bedroom, in fact, I don’t think you ever will. However, things have changed so much since my two were little.

You no longer have to go for boring cupboards and draws, there is a whole host of fun ideas that you can do that will bring a design feature to the room as well as creating the much-needed space that you need. One thing to consider as you start looking, is how well it can adapt as your child grows. For example, if you have a space that is used to be creative as they are younger, can this be adapted as a workspace as they get a little older.

Here are my favourite storage ideas for any children’s bedroom:

1 – Ikea TROFAST storage

Getting the perfect storage for children's bedroom

We had this range right up until our children were 10 & 11! It was the perfect storage for all of their toys, no matter how old they got. You can change up the design of the storage unit to suit your room and then this will adapt the trays you can use for these, there is also a variety of colours too. I know this storage range is good for kids children’s bedroom, however, it is also good around the home and in places such as utility rooms.

2 – Lego storage brick

Getting the perfect storage for children's bedroom

If your children are anything like mine, you will end up with loads of Lego. Which is great as it is an amazing toy to play with, however, it can end up everywhere! Make the storage fun with these Lego storage brick containers. They are just like Lego too and can stack to make storage easy.

3 – Floating shelves

Getting the perfect storage for children's bedroom

Children always have special things they would like to display, why not make sure it is done in a pretty way. These floating shelves are gorgeous and they are just one of a few different designs that have become more and more popular over the years. I love these and I think it is the perfect way to display pictures or even keep their favourite toy safe from getting lost.

This is just some of the ideas on the market for Children’s storage but there is a whole host of other ideas too. We recently shared a post on children’s bedroom furniture which featured some beds perfect for ensuring you had enough storage.

Getting the perfect storage for children's bedroom

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