Our plans for a garden makeover this summer

Spring is in the air and we are making plans for the summer already.

We have owned our home since 2007 and in that time have done lots of work but the garden has remained mostly untouched, pretty much due to the fact it is like a mountain out the back! It has a section of flat land that wraps around the house but the rest of it is on the hill and this year may be the year that we actually tackle the work and get it done.

This section of the garden has been put off for a number of reasons, firstly simply down to cost. Although it is on a hill, if our garden was flat it would be a nice size garden. This means any work we do is going to set us back a little bit of money in material and as our options are limited as to what we can do this restricts just where we could potentially save money.

Our plans for a garden makeover this summer

Another thing putting us off doing this is due to the ease of the job, all materials will need to be manually carried up to the top of the garden, it is going to be hard work and a lot of effort just to get the foundations in, but we need to get started somewhere.

Now we have decided to go for it, plans and provisions are being put into place to get it done this summer.

The garden is likely to be done in a few sections, the first being the top of the garden where we plan to install a decking area, this will be a place for us to relax, enjoy family BBQ and get some all-important vitamin D! We have a gorgeous rattan garden set already but I would love to get some hammocks to chill out in at the top and a pizza oven to enjoy some good food whilst we are put there, that is the goal for this year.

Our plans for a garden makeover this summer

The rest of the garden will be tiered but used as a space to put the sheds and allow us a bit more space down at the bottom of the garden for the dogs to run around and us to have a game or 2 of football.

There will be a bit of space in the middle where it will almost be dead land, this will be used to plant wildflowers to encourage the wildlife and I am planning to put up spaces for birds to feed and bug houses too.

Our plans for a garden makeover this summer

Although there will be lots of decking in the garden, we will be looking to bring colour and greenery with hanger planters and wildflowers. It might not be full of flowers but what it will do is give us that perfect balance between practicality and usable space of a garden with the great outdoors combined.

Do you have any garden makeover plans this year? I’d love to hear them.

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