My home deep clean routine

On top of my regular cleaning routine, I also do a deep clean of our home every month.

This is not always easy around work, but, in doing it monthly it means there is not a big backlog of work waiting for me on a regular basis. Now for full disclosure on this, I don’t really enjoy cleaning. Now of course I love having a clean home, however, spending time cleaning is not my idea of fun. So I always make this work as quickly as possible for me, it is always better though to work more efficiently once that have to go back over things twice!

If you are like me, after a once a month deep clean around your regular cleaning, here is what I do monthly:

  • Clean the oven – This has to be the worst job there is out there right?! I have learnt in the past from previous mistakes on letting the oven get bad that it is always easier to keep on top of it. There are some great products on the market now for cleaning your oven too so you don’t need to put too much elbow grease in it!
  • Wipe down the fridge and cupboards – Once a month I go through and empty our fridge and cupboards out. Not only to wipe down the surface but also to make sure the older food is rotated to the front and used before going out of date.
  • Run a dishwasher clean – I use Finish dishwasher cleaner once a month to keep the pipes clean. Before I do this I make sure I fill up the rinse aid and salt, then give all the seals and filters a wash down too.
  • Run a washing machine clean – Similar to the dishwasher clean, I run a washing machine clean once a month. Wiping down around the doors and the tray to ensure they are clean before running the wash on a hot wash. I use the Dettol washing machine cleaner.
  • Clean down all skirting boards – Although I dust regularly, once a month I make sure I get all the hard to reach places. I also wipe down any marks on the skirting boards or around the door frame from mucky fingers!
  • Hoover out the tumble dryer filter – This is cleaned after every use however with the deep clean I give it a hoover to get any dust out.
  • Wash the cushions and throws on the sofa – With dogs and kids, these get grubby! Once a month they are thrown in the washing machine and hung out to dry.

This seems like a long list, I have found that once I am into a routine it is not as much work to do as you may think. When you are on top of everything it takes less time to do.

My home deep clean routine

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