The benefits of having a utility room

On top of my wishlist for our new home is a utility room, yes, I am well aware I sound old when I say this however it is becoming more of a trendy thing!

For us, a utility room is more than just a place to be putting our washing machine.

Firstly, if the access was correct, it is the perfect place to bring in the damp dogs after a wet winter walk. No more muddy paws being marched throughout the house. In an ideal world, it would back on to the back or side of our house with running water to allow us to wipe down the mucky paws!

It would be ideal for our utility room to have plenty of space for the washing machine and tumble dryer, but also things such as cleaning products, the ironing board and steam iron! I know that most utility rooms are not very big, however, if it was big enough to move around in I would use it to do all the iron for example. That way there is less carrying it around the house, simply wash, dry, iron and put it away.

Without a doubt though, I’m sure that the majority of utility rooms are used to hide every day used items that are not that ascetically pleasing on the eye! I know in mine I plan to hide the Costco run of household items!

Growing up, utility rooms were not something that we’re very common. Since we have started looking at houses to move into now though, it appears they have become one of the more popular rooms to add to a home. I am not sure if this is as a selling point or whether it is to do with the practicalities of it in an everyday life.

The benefits of having a utility room

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