Getting your home set for a spooky Halloween

Here in the UK, Halloween was never really a big thing when I was growing up. Now though, it is getting bigger and more of us are decorating our homes for Halloween. If this is something you are interested in, I have hunted down the best items to get your home set for a spooky Halloween.

Now, depending on whether you are planning to decorate you home inside, out or even both, there is a huge market for lots of different items to do this.

Here are my favourite finds for Halloween:

Mega Spider Web

I have never seen anything like this before on a home near me and I love it. The whole effect is amazing and I can imagine in the evenings with this lit, your home would start to feel very spooky!

Light Up Evil Pumpkin

Getting your home set for a spooky Halloween

This site has some amazing items on there, all depending on how scary you want to make your home. This evil pumpkin lights up, so no need for candles or mess! It would look great on and window seal or maybe as a table decoration at a spooky dinner party.

Pair of Animated Banjo Skeletons

Costco always has the most amazing Halloween decorations, I love heading over there at this time of the year as they have some great items then it rolls into the Christmas. This year they have these amazing 3ft pair of animated banjo skeletons. We may not be able to have any Halloween parties this year however these sitting on the drive as people walk past would be amazing.

Disney inspired wooden Halloween decoration

Getting your home set for a spooky Halloween

If you have little ones and would like to decorate your home for Halloween without too much of a scare factor, these Disney inspired wooden decorations are a fun way to do this. These are made to order though so make sure you leave yourself enough time to get them delivered before the day arrives.

There is such a market now for Halloween themed items that you can pick up items from most shops. Even the local supermarkets are getting involved when it comes to Halloween, the days of just having a pumpkin seem to have ended.

Regardless of how much or how little you like to decorate your home, we hope you all have a spooky Halloween!

Getting your home set for a spooky Halloween

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