Organising your kitchen when it is a small space

As I mentioned in this post about my dream kitchen, our current kitchen is pretty small.

It lacks storage and work surface space which means we have to be clever with what we have in our kitchen and how we store it. Now when we eventually move, I plan to have the kitchen of my dreams. I see it with lots of workspaces to cook up a storm and cupboards to hide all of the junk! With that a long way off though, I want to share how we get by with the smaller kitchen without compromising.

Organising your kitchen when it is a small space

  1. No to clutter – There simply is not the space to have clutter in our kitchen. All the items we have is something we use on a regular basis. If we don’t use it after a while we either gift it on or recycle the item.
  2. Make the most of your cupboard space – When we installed our 2 larder cupboards we added additional shelves as and when we needed them. One has more in than the other and this is the one that holds our food such as tins and baking ingredients. The other one is more for drinks and appliances such as our slow cooker etc. It is not much money or work to add additional shelves to your cupboards so it is worth looking into.
  3. Use plastic containers in larger storage spaces – If you have big cupboards but don’t want to add additional shelves, it is worth looking into some pull out plastic containers like these ones to help you keep things organised. I have these in our fridge too to help keep that organised and tidy. If you have lots of packets and sauces in your cupboard, these are a great alternative.
  4. Look at under cupboard storage – There is plenty of options for storage under wall cupboards, these could be for your mugs or maybe even for kitchen roll etc. Anything that helps free up some workspace is going to make your kitchen look bigger.

Having a small kitchen is not a disaster, you just need to get a little more creative in how you use the space. We have been in our home for almost 13 years and over that time we have adjusted to the smaller kitchen.

I’m hoping in our new home we will have either a utility room or maybe even a pantry to hide away some of the rubbish!

Organising your kitchen when it is a small space

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