Getting started with growing your own vegetables

So, our garden is finally finished and now our thoughts are turning to growing your own vegetables.

I am not very green fingered however, partially because of the tightening of the budgets and partially following on from the pandemic we feel that now is the time to maybe change things.

It is going to be a real learning curve for us as it is not something that comes naturally to us, here are all the things we have learned so far.

Tips for growing your own vegetables

Consider the space you have –

Growing fruit and vegetables can take up a lot of space, so start by looking at the space you have and this will allow you to plan the space.

I didn’t realise just how many different plants needed different care, including lots of sun, lots of shade, partial sun etc. With this in mind, when you start to plan the space make sure that what you are planning to plant in there is suitable for the space you have.

Getting started with growing your own vegetables

Take time to care for the land –

Now that I am getting older, I am starting to understand that my hap dash approach to plants is probably one of the key reasons that they have not lasted very long in our house!

After reading up a little more on growing our own, it has taught me that making sure the soil is rich in nutrients and it will take time to get the right balance in the soil.

Start small –

We have plans to grow so much but I am well aware that I am not going to suddenly become a better gardener.

For the first lot of vegetables that we are going to grow, we have decided to start with plants from the garden centre and grow them from there. This will allow us the chance to start our vegetables by bypassing the stage of growing them from seeds. As our confidence grows we will start all our vegetables off from seeds.

Getting started with growing your own vegetables

Don’t be afraid to fail –

I don’t expect to have a successful first harvest from our crops whilst we learn our way however, don’t let this put you off. Perseverance will pay off with this and the rewards of being able to eat your own are going to be amazing.

The internet is full of amazing articles and videos to help you if you are new to this gardening like we are, just take your time to plan out how you want things to go and how you are going to get there rather than diving head first into it.

If you are a keen vegetable grower, I would love to hear your comments on the best tips you have for growing your own vegetables, especially for a novice like myself.

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