Tips for planting a successful garden

Having a beautiful outdoor space can add to your home, not only in value but also in terms of what it can offer your family. Getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air can do so much for everyone’s mental health and having the chance to do that in your own back garden is even better.

There is no right or wrong as to what you have in your back garden, as long as you make it into your own sanctuary. Personally, we like to use astroturf as we have children and a dog! It means less mess and mud coming into our house. For others, you can’t beat a freshly cut lawn and the smell of the grass. It is all about making it a space that inspires you to get outside and enjoy it. Making sure you take care of your lawn all year round is the best way to ensure you get amazing grass as the weather warms up, offers you the perfect products to keep it in top condition.

If you are thinking about planting up some flowers or even some vegetables, here are some tips to make it grow into a successful garden space you can all enjoy.

Tips for planting a successful garden

How to grow a successful garden –

  1. Preparing your garden area and planting bed – Depending on how your garden is, to begin with, you will need to do a little groundwork first. Before you get started you will need to have a think about a few things in your garden before you decide on the placement of the beds. Firstly, location is key when it comes to beds for planting. You will need to think about how much sunlight the area gets and whether it has any protection from the elements. This is all dependant on what you are planning to grow in the beds.
  2. Fertilizing your planted bed – Making sure the ground is well prepared for your plants is essential to give them the best chance at blooming. Investing in some good quality compost is perfect for this, if you have your own compost from food waste then that is a bonus!
  3. Transplanting plants into your prepared bed – When your little seedlings are ready for moving to their new home, make sure you plan out where everything will be going. Allowing space for growth is important, once your bed is established you don’t want to be moving things around. If like me you are not very good at growing plants from seeds, many garden centres and DIY stores have a great selection of plants ready to go without blowing the budget.
  4. Plant care and maintenance – Once all the hard work is done in planting up your bed, then comes the maintenance of these. Caring for your plants is almost as important as the preparation work. Now I know here in the UK we get plenty of rain, however, we do often get dry spells so making sure they have plenty of water all year round is important. Also ensuring they are feed will make sure you get the best of your blooms, there are plenty of ways to do this now such as these hose feeder attachments.

With a little bit of work and tender loving care, anyone can create their own little sanctuary in the garden. It can be made to suit your own needs too, so if you have hayfever, for example, you can plant your garden with low pollen plants so you do not irritate this.

Once your garden is done, make sure you get out there and enjoy every minute of it. We recently wrote a post on the best ways to use your garden throughout the year, it is not all about the summer and BBQs. There is so much more you can use your garden for, so get outside and enjoy it!

Tips for planting a successful garden

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