Things to consider before planning an extension

Many of us are planning an extension of our current home before considering moving. There are many reasons for this, mostly it is due to the costs involved.

If you have the space to do so and like the area you live in, it is the better option to extend your current home rather than move. This is due to not only the costs involved in moving but also in making your new home your own.

We all do it, we move into a new home and over a period of time we put our own stamp on things. From the wallpaper to the flooring and even the layout. Everyone’s taste is different and we put our own spin on the space we have. This costs time and money, which is why many people look for additional space where they are.

So, you’ve decided to stay put but what things should you consider before you commit to planning an extension?

  1. Plans – You will need to have an architect draw up plans, for your planning permission. This is not a quick or cheap job, however, with plans, it will be easier to apply for planning permission and get the building work done.
  2. Space – Where are you planning on adding the extension or are you even planning a loft extension? Either way, making sure you have the space to do the extension is pretty key in all this. Where you plan to put the extension will also have an impact on the costs involved.
  3. Planning permission – To get an idea if planning permission will be granted, has any similar work been carried out in the area? If your neighbours have had planning consented of a similar extension, it is more likely you will be granted planning as they have set the precedent to do so.
  4. Costs – There is a varying level of costs involved in getting an extension. f you have an idea of the extension you have in mind, it is worth getting local builders out to give you an estimated cost. This will allow you the chance to then see if this is something in the budget before you commit to the plans being drawn up and submitted. If you go ahead and get planning permission but do not do the build, this will also add to the sale of your home in future.

Having an extension added to a home is not a cheap or quick option, however, if you love where you live and have the space to do so it is a good option to take.

Things to consider before planning an extension

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