The best small double beds on the market

Space in bedrooms is becoming more of a premium as houses are being built smaller than in the past. This means that most people are looking for small double beds, especially for their guest rooms.

Just because the beds are smaller though, does not mean that you have to lose out on vital storage space. It also doesn’t mean you can’t get a good nights sleep!

Our bedroom is quite small after we did a bit of work in our house to give us an additional bedroom. In losing this space we have made sure we made up for the lack of storage with our bed. After a lot of research into the perfect bed, we eventually settled on this Phoenix white wooden ottoman storage bed from Happy Beds. Under the bed has a surprisingly large amount of storage, which is handily split into 3 compartments. So it is perfect for those spare rooms, you can use it to store extra bedding or even Christmas gifts!

The best small double beds on the market

The only drawback I have found with this bed is the edges. I have bashed my shins on them so many times!

If you are looking for small double beds for your home, here are some more suggestions for the best ones on the market.

small double beds

Dreams – Luxury Divan Bed Base – Starts at £200

This bed starts at £200 with no draws and goes up in price as you add more draws in. It all depends on your room space as to whether you add them. From our personal experience, divan draws can hold a lot of things!

small double beds

Dunelm – Hannover Black Crushed Velvet Bed Frame – £279

If you are not looking for some extra storage, but more for a touch of elegance. How about this crushed velvet bed frame from Dunelm. It has great reviews and feedback and looks great too.

Unlike the divan bed, this also includes the headboard, so all you need is the mattress and duvet sets and sheet.

small double beds

Benson for Beds – Max Ottoman Upholstered Kids TV Bed Frame – Starts at £999

This is a little bit of luxury and would look great in any room. We had a TV bed many years ago when they first came out and I loved it. This bed comes with the added bonus of under bed storage.

I know it says it is a kids bed, however, this would look great in any bedroom.

This is just a small snippet of the small double beds on the market. There are so many designs on the market now, you are sure to find the perfect one for your home.

The best small double beds on the market

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