My plans for a dream kitchen

Currently, our plans for our home are on hold whilst we build the pot back up, however that does not stop me thinking about my dream kitchen.

Our current kitchen is not a bad size, but it lacks worktop and storage space. I have spent so much time looking on Pinterest and in kitchen stores such as Wren for that dream kitchen, just what exactly makes it a dream kitchen though?

Firstly I would love a range oven, I’m not sure if this is something we currently have space for, however, it is worth considering. I can just imagine making the best roast dinners on there without trying to work out the timings for things to go into the one oven.

Another thing I would love to do would have either a solid wood worktop or granite worktop, we currently have a laminate worktop and although it looks lovely, it is not quite the same. Depending on how we eventually do our dream kitchen will depend on the worktop we go for. I do feel that you get what you pay for when it comes to things such as worktops, that little bit more in the investment can make a big difference in the long run.

My plans for a dream kitchen

In our current kitchen, we have the old country shaker style doors with little brushed metal handles. In our dream kitchen, I am looking to go streamlined with the doors in high gloss without handles, I just feel this gives the kitchen a much more modern look.

The one big change I am looking forward to though is storage, we currently have hardly any storage space which means a lot of the things we use occasionally is usually on the side or shoved on top of a cupboard. Being able to actually put things away in a dedicated cupboard will make the whole space look so much bigger and have a better impact on the overall look of the kitchen.

I know we are a long way off even thinking about getting our kitchen done, however, that doesn’t stop me from looking. I even have my own dream kitchen board on Pinterest where I look out for the designs features I love and would like to have in our kitchen. It may be a case that to get our dream kitchen we will need to move to give us that extra space to bring our plans to life. With that being said, using tools like this home affordability calculator by SoFi can make it easier for us to know when we are in a position to consider moving.

What are the key features you would want to have in your dream kitchen if you were able to start planning it?

My plans for a dream kitchen

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