How to Create a Beautiful Home With Decor Hacks

We have spent a lot of time in our homes over the last 18 months and for some of us, it has highlighted some things that we may need to change in our homes. Sometimes though this may be tough as our budgets are tight and decorating can soon start to ramp up in cost depending on just how much you are planning to change.

It’s important to make your home a place of comfort. This often includes decorating with furniture and ornaments that inspire you, it is not all about new wallpaper or carpet. Sometimes you will find that just changing a few features will give your home a new lease of life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Stylish Home Decor Ideas You’ll Love

1. Add a pop of colour with colourful throw pillows, accent rugs, and paintings

When it comes to colour, the sky is the limit. Your home is a place for you to express yourself, this can be with colours patterns or even feature pieces.

Add a pop of colour with colourful throw pillows, accent rugs, and paintings. You may find that you are out and about and fall in love with a cushion, for example, this could be the theme for the whole room.

Adding pops of colour can be done in a variety of ways: splashes from a single large piece of furniture or artwork; accent chairs in complementary colours; or pops of colour in an area rug.

How to Create a Beautiful Home With Decor Hacks

2. Bring some of the joy of the Autumn into your home with colourful fall leaves or a fruit bowl

The season of Autumn is often associated with a sense of peace and renewal. As the leaves turn to different shades of red, orange, and yellow and the cold sets in, it can be a welcome change for many.

This is the time of year to enjoy pumpkin pie, cosy sweaters, and bright leaves all around. To make this season more enjoyable for you or your family, here are some ideas on how to bring some of this joy into your home with fall colours or a fruit bowl.

Then when spring rolls around, you can bring splashes of yellow to bring some sunshine and greens for that calming outdoor feel.

How to Create a Beautiful Home With Decor Hacks

3. Use old books to create decorations for your coffee table or bedside table; stack them up or decorate them individually

Old books are not just for reading. They can be used as a decoration for your living space. All you have to do is stack them up and decorate them. They can be used as a coffee table or bedside table because they look like a normal table with the addition of the book pile on top of it, or if you don’t want to use it as a table, then you can stack them up and put a cloth over them while decorating with candles and flowers.

A popular trend at the moment is to colour coordinate your bookshelf to give your room a focal feature, drawing your eye to that area of the room. You could even create yourself a little reading nook in the area, set off by a gorgeous comfy chair.

Whichever way you choose to update your home, just make sure the decor you choose is one you love. Your home should be a representation of you, it should feature those things you love and the colours you love. It might not always be to other peoples taste, however, it is your home and you loving it is the most important thing. What is your favourite colour or print to use in your home?

How to Create a Beautiful Home With Decor Hacks

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