5 Ways to make use of your garden throughout the year

Your outdoor space is something that we have all learnt during the lockdown is a premium, no matter what size your garden is. One thing that we all learnt during COVID is how much we should appreciate any outdoor space if we are lucky enough to have it.

Many of us however are put off being outside during the cooler months, lets face it, the weather here in the UK is not the best in the winter. Don’t let this put you off though, we have pulled together 5 ways to make the most of the garden, no matter what time of the year it is.

Pizza Oven –

This is one trend I am willing to jump on the bandwagon for, pizza is one of my favourite foods and this is the best way to make it!

We have moved on from the pizza ovens on the BBQ to freestanding pizza ovens. Cooking it in an oven like an Ooni oven takes approximately 60 seconds! The whole family can enjoy a choice of their own topping and you can make the most of time together rather than being stuck in the kitchen.

5 Ways to make use of your garden throughout the year

Grow your own –

Did you find it was hard to get hold of fresh food throughout the pandemic? For many of us, it made us rethink the way we shop and eat.

Grow your own options became very popular and it was hard to source the materials needed to get you going during this time.

You don’t need to have a big garden to do this either, with there being options to grow in pots or small beds. Just do a little bit of research into which options work best for the space you have.

Home cinema –

One thing I see a lot on my Instagram feed is home cinemas in the garden and it is something we are yet to try.

Many of these are not too expensive to do, however, you will need a projector to get the film you are watching onto the screen. The screen itself though could be something as simple as a white sheet you have weighted down!

5 Ways to make use of your garden throughout the year

Outdoor dining –

You don’t need to only sit outside during the summer months, as long as you give yourself a little heat from something such as a fire pit or outdoor heater, you can enjoy dining outside in the cooler months.

Thinking about your seating arrangements for this is important as you will want to make sure you are sitting in an area that is protected a little from the elements and avoiding the draft a bit. If you can have an area that is made with composite decking boards, you will find this will last you for years and make the perfect all-round decking area.

Once you have the perfect decking, you could think about treating yourself to a comfortable hammock to chill out on and enjoy the summer days.

Lighting –

As the colder months draw in and the darker nights start, ensuring you have the best lighting to create a cosy atmosphere is important. This doesn’t need to be simple outdoor lights, you can bring in a whole host of fun elements to it such as fairy lights or solar lights.

You can create different atmospheres depending on the lighting used, such as wall lights, pathway lights and table lights. If you are looking for something really unique, why not consider something such as a these fab neon signs from Neon Mama, they would give you that wow factor outdoors!

If you are lucky enough to have the outdoor space to use, trying to tweak it to outdoor space useable all year round is not too tough. Just have a think about what you would like to enjoy out in your garden all year round. You may need to invest in some waterproof coverings for some items depending on what material they are made of.

I would also suggest investing in some garden storage that is waterproof for things such as lanterns, outdoor dining sets and bbq tools. Investing once in a good quality product will last you for years as long as you have a way to store it safely.

5 Ways to make use of your garden throughout the year

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