A new year spring clean – 5 tips to get your kickstarted

A new year to me always signals the time for a new year spring clean.

This is not just your usual day to day cleaning, or even just tidying up after the whirlwind of Christmas. To me, I find the best time to clear the clutter and get that fresh start is now.

If you are finding yourself a little overwhelmed with all the post-Christmas lull on top of the current lockdown, here are my tips for a good new year spring clean. You don’t need to do it all in one day, however, start a little every day.

  1. Identify where you need to tackle – This could be your wardrobes, the kitchen cupboard or the odds and sods draw. There is plenty of places to organise, just knowing where to start can be overwhelming.
  2. Organise into a keep, donate/sell or recycle – You may have items that are no longer any good for you but they could be for someone else. Organise all of the items into keep, donate/sell or recycle piles to assist clearing them. Once you have these gone you will be able to give your home a good tidy up.
  3. Tackle the jobs you put off – All of us avoid doing certain jobs, for me, it is cleaning the oven, I hate it! Now is the time though to tackle those jobs! Cleaning things such as the oven, carpets etc will give your home that new fresh look.
  4. Refresh fragrances around the home – Many of us use home fragrances such as diffusers etc, if you do this, make sure you refresh these. Sometimes simply turning over the reeds help the fragrance.
  5. Bring out the lighter bedding – During the winter months I switch to brushed cotton bedding, however, come January I find switching to lighter bedding. It helps remind me spring is around the corner.

Getting started may feel a little daunting, however, once you have space back in your home and it feels fresh you will thank yourself. Plus if you manage to declutter whilst making a bit of cash, that is always a winner!

A new year spring clean - 5 tips to get your kickstarted

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