6 Cleaning hacks to help your spring clean

Cleaning, you either love it or hate it. I personally don’t mind it as long as I can speed it up with some handy cleaning hacks.

Spring is almost here and the time for fresh air, the smell of fresh-cut grass and clothes out on the washing line is not far behind.  If you are like me, this signals the chance for a good spring clean of your home. I don’t know whether it is the lighter days or the fresh air, the house just feels so much better with a spring clean and natural light.

However, very few of us want to spend all our days cleaning and I am always looking for ways to make it a little more efficient. After all, the saying is to work smarter not harder!

6 Cleaning hacks to help your spring clean

I have spoken to some blogging friends who have shared their tops tips to make the spring clean even easier.

6 Cleaning hacks to help your spring clean

  • To clean your microwave pop a jug of water with half a lemon in the microwave for a couple of minutes to loosen any built-up grease to easily wipe away. The lemon will also get rid of any food odours https://chillingwithlucas.com
  • Save a cardboard inner tube from your Christmas wrapping paper to put on the end of your handheld vacuum. You will then be able to reach the cobwebs in all the hard to reach places! www.womenwhowinatlife.com
  • Use distilled (white) vinegar to descale your kettle. Pour a good helping in with a small amount of water, boil and leave to stand. Rinse thoroughly before using the kettle. So much cheaper and less toxic than “proper” descaler! https://funfreeandfrugal.com.
  • To unblock slow-draining plugholes, tip bicarbonate of soda down it and leave for about ten minutes. Add white vinegar- the reaction between the two unblocks a plughole far quicker than anything else I’ve ever used! Outnumberedbygymnasts.com
  • Use your dishwasher for more than dishes! They are great for cleaning things such as flip flops, makeup brushes, hat brushes etc! They come out so well! Clipboardclaire.com
  • I pop a dishwasher tablet every so often in my empty washing machine to deep clean it www.themammafairy.com

6 Cleaning hacks to help your spring clean

Places like Pinterest and Instagram is great place to get further tips from, as you probably all know that is where Mrs Hinch made her name and now so many of us follow her great tips around the home.

As well as having a spring clean, it is always worth keeping on top of your housework. This just makes it a little easier when it is under control, I wrote not too long ago about finding a cleaning routine to suit you. Once you have this, a little clean more often makes everything so much easier in the long run!

What is your number 1 cleaning hack? I’d love to hear it in the comment below.

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