5 Simple Ways to Create a Peaceful & Calm Home

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Is your home the calm and tranquil space you deserve? Do you look forward to coming back home after a day at work? If not, there are simple steps you can take to bring calm to your surroundings. Peaceful spaces are essential when so many of us work long hours or have many family and social commitments. Retreating to a relaxing haven at the end of the day improves your wellbeing and brings happiness to your life.

Follow these easy steps to create a stylish, calming home retreat.

5 Simple Ways to Create a Peaceful & Calm Home

  1. Cut the Clutter

Tackle the piles of laundry in the corner, the bills spilling out of the drawer, and the chaos around the front door. Clearing clutter instantly makes your house a calmer and more liveable space. You don’t have to embrace the full KonMari method or go minimalist, but you do need to create an organised and structured environment where all your things have their place. Impossible? Try working around one room, from the left-hand corner inwards, and be ruthless with the things you want to give away or recycle. You’ll see the difference almost immediately. And if de-cluttering really inspires you, look at these examples of minimalism from Japan, and start creating your own sparse space to relax in.

  1. Understand Each Room’s Character

Clearly differentiate a role for each room. Prevent work-life spilling over into family time by making your den a computer-free zone. Ensure the living room has the ideal configuration of sofas and chairs for your needs. And decorate with the room’s function in mind. A dining room for dinner parties needs elegant and chic décor. Go to town with quirky wallpaper in the family room. Then you’ll feel calmer, knowing you can live with purpose and ease in your home.

  1. Pay Attention to Detail

Simple and stylish small additions to your rooms create an ambience of peace and tranquillity. Take, for example, your tableware. Set a crisp white tablecloth with a set of coordinating ceramics and you instantly streamline and declutter a dining room. Choose a dining set with a white or cream base and one dominant colour so the design doesn’t overpower the space. The Green Summer Flower range from Penny Morrison makes an effective statement. Or choose a patterned tablecloth and coordinate with plain white tableware to make the table the centrepiece.

  1. Play with Natural Light

Never underestimate the calming power of natural light. Abundant light from outside creates a peaceful space and improves your mood and productivity. Ensure curtains can be fully pulled back from the window during the day. Enhance the play of sunlight in the room with reflective surfaces. And choose pale décor colours that contribute to a feeling of expansiveness and calm.

  1. Create a Space for Wellness

You don’t need to turn your spare bedroom into a spa. Simply create a cosy space for meditation beside a window, using cushions and throws. Or keep a space clear in your study for your yoga mat. Incorporating attention to your wellbeing into your home instantly makes the whole house a more tranquil place to spend time.

5 Simple Ways to Create a Peaceful & Calm Home

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