Our House, Our Home

Welcome to our brand new blog, Our House, Our Home.

It is a place for me to share our home, interior and garden inspiration and ideas as our home continues to change to suit our needs as a family.

We have owned our home for almost 13 years, along the way we have made lots of changes. When we first moved in, it was for just 2, now it is a home for 4 of us!

Over the years little by little, we have changed things as we have gone along. Not long after we moved in we took the wall down between the kitchen and the entrance area to open up our kitchen. Yes, it now means you walk through the kitchen when you arrive, but that works for us. Last year we did our biggest project to date, taking down the internal walls between the bedrooms and changing our bungalow from a 2 double bedroom to a small double and 2 single bedroom bungalow. We had help from family and friends along the way but it was a hands-on project that took 4 months of blood, sweat and tears to get done.

I wish we could just invest and have someone come through and finish the last of the projects for us, however, this is just not in our budget to do so. We will be continuing to do as much work as we can to keep the costs down however still calling on expert advise as we need to.

It has not always been plain sailing and we have learnt lots along the way when it comes to owning your own home. I want to share our next steps on our journey as we continue to finish the house to suit our needs.

As well as this I will be bringing the latest trends and tips for getting your home just the way you like it. I can’t wait to share more of our thoughts and ideas in the coming weeks and months.

Our House, Our Home

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