How to find the right flooring for your home

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If you are having a bit of a spruce up of your home, whether you have been there a while or maybe you have just moved in, picking the right flooring for your home can be a tough choice. There is now a huge range of flooring options to pick from including engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate, tiles and carpet. All of which come in a huge range of designs and colours, making it almost impossible for you to pick between.

As it is such an investment, it is best for you not to make a rushed decision on what flooring you would like to go with, With so many decisions to make, it can be pretty hard to even narrow it down. Here are some of our top tips for finding the right flooring for your home.

Practicality –

You will need to think about the room the flooring is going in and what the usage of that will be. If you have a high-traffic area, solid flooring rather than carpet would be a better choice for long-term use. I personally love our tiled kitchen floor as it is where the dogs are a lot of the time and they are forever dropping water from the bowl and a chewed toy over it, that wouldn’t suit a carpeted area for example.

Having kids is also a big stressor on any floor area. They are always running around, playing and generally just hanging out in the living room for example and this means the carpet in this room has more wear and tear than any other room. When we installed this, we paid for the better quality underlay to help take the strain on the carpet and over time it has paid off.

Taking a bit of time before your make your decision to think about this will help ensure that you pick the most suitable flooring for you.

How to find the right flooring for your home

Cleaning –

Pets and children make it an absolute nightmare for keeping the floor clean, between muddy paws, hair and rubbish that the kids always manage to drop on the floor! Before installing any flooring, you will need to think ahead to keep it clean. For floors such as carpets, a simple hoover and carpet cleaner will do the trick but for other floors, it may require a little more TLC to keep it looking the best and the use of specialist cleaners.

Just like the point above, keeping it clean really does depend on the usage of the area. Homes with families and pets always require a bit more upkeep, unfortunately, that just comes as part of the package! However, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to get the professionals in to do it. When you have chosen your flooring, make sure you get some advice from the flooring pros as to the best products to use to ensure your floor stays looking top-notch.

How to find the right flooring for your home

Budget –

This is probably going to be the biggest factor in your decision and ultimately lead to what flooring you may go with in the end.

Flooring is like everything else, it varies in price, no matter what type you take out. Each flooring option has different prices, starting at a budget version up to the more expensive flooring. Before you start to make a choice on what type of flooring you have, it may be wise to sit down and work out what type you will be able to afford. Don’t forget when you are considering flooring you will need to consider costs such as installation and other things such as underlay, carpet grippers, glue etc. All vary in price depending on what you are planning to install.

If your home is a place you are planning to stay a while, investing at the start on the right flooring is a worthy investment. It may feel like you are parting with a small fortune at the beginning but if it is done properly, to begin with, it will last a while!

Everyone’s idea of the best flooring varies from home to home but things such as Dark Engineered Wood Flooring become timeless classics and although they may cost a little more when you first make the purchase if they are well maintained, they will always stay in fashion. No matter what the current trend may be on the walls or furnishings! It is the only flooring that is practical in any room and as long as it is properly installed and cared for can last a lifetime pretty much.

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