How to declutter your home in 4 easy steps

It happens to all of us, over time our homes start to accumulate clutter. Things that we maybe no longer need or you may find are things that have been gifted to us over the years and we are too kind to say no. There are easy ways for you to declutter your home, with a few simple steps.

We all know that living in a small space can be challenging. It can feel like there’s never enough room to store our things, and you might not have any idea where to put your belongings to make room for more. However, there are a few simple ways you can declutter your space and make your life much easier. A cluttered home can be a breeding ground for stress and anxiety. It always feels like there’s more stuff to do than you have time for.

Considering that clutter can contribute to mental health problems like anxiety, it is important to tackle this problem as soon as possible.

Studies show that those who have a cluttered home are more likely to feel stressed and unhappy, which can lead to mental health issues. A cluttered home is not just an eyesore, but a living space that contributes to your wellbeing in many ways.

To declutter your home, does not mean that you have to bin things in there. I always separate my items into a few piles, things I can gift, things I can sell, things that I can donate, and things to bin. Just because it is no good to you, doesn’t mean it is no good at all.

How to declutter your home in 4 easy steps

1. Declutter as you go

Sometimes, rather than tackling it all in one go, I find tackling it a bit at a time can make it all feel a little less overwhelmed. If you are cleaning a room, why not spend 5 minutes just to check if there are any items you need to get

You will find over time, the more you tackle a little at a time, the more naturally it will come to do that.

2. Schedule a time each week to tackle a home task (e.g., laundry, dishes, decluttering) in order to keep your home tidy and free from clutter

If you find your schedule really busy, why not set some time aside to do a quick task every day. We all find ourselves sat on our phones randomly scrolling or watching something on TV that we are not really paying attention to.

Use this time to tackle a quick job around your home such as clearing the kitchen for the next day or getting some washing away. Once you are on top of things, you will find it easier to stay on top of it.

How to declutter your home in 4 easy steps

3. Think before you make any big purchases – this will help you avoid accumulating more clutter later on!

We are all guilty of impulse purchases however sometimes this can result in you purchasing items that will take up a little more space or replace something in our home. However, what do you do with the items you need to get rid of?

Rather than leaving items around the house that you don’ need, clear them out as soon as you can and give yourself some space.

4. Sort through your clothes, shoes, kitchenware, and all other possessions every 6 months

Every 6 months, give your home a little declutter.

If there are clothes or shoes you have not used in the last 6 months, then clear them out. I know there are always lots of items that we sometimes hold on to as they have special memories to us, however, sometimes we do need to let go of a few items. The 6-month rule is very helpful for doing this and it makes us think a little more about what we really need.

To declutter your home, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort in doing so, you just need to set yourself up to do it in small bite-size chunks.

How to declutter your home in 4 easy steps

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