Allergies in and around your home


If you suffer from allergies, you may find them worse in your own home. Which to some may sound a little strange, however, with the wide range of things that people are now allergic to, it is not uncommon. With everything from dust mite allergies to mould and pets, it is all around us in many of our homes but how do you know if you have an allergy? If you have a sneezing episode or maybe an itchy patch of skin, you are not likely to first suspect allergies.

What are the main symptoms of allergies?

Do you ever find yourself at home with maybe itchy skin or even a runny nose? You find it a little odd that it only happens at home more often than not and you haven’t come into contact with anything different than usual?

This could be a sign of an allergy, for many people the allergy symptoms are pretty mild with most people reporting things such as itchy skin, eczema and asthma flare-ups. These symptoms are made worse when they are in their own home.

You may not at first realise you have an allergy but now there is an option to purchase a home allergy test that tests 294 different allergens such as pollen, mould, pets and a whole lot more. The test is carried out by you at home and you then post it off and await the results in about 2 weeks time.  This testing kit from Klarify will help you be able to resolve any issues you may be having with allergies in and outside the home.

Allergies in and around your home

How can you reduce the symptoms in your own home?

Ventilation – This is key to helping you reduce the symptoms in your home. Having good ventilation will help with the mould if you get any and reduce the effect it could have on you and your family.

Hoover frequently – Dust mites and pet hair can gather quickly and affect your allergy. Hoovering with a good air filter will help you suck up these things and hopefully keep your allergies low.

Wash bedding and curtains at 60 degrees Celsius – Your bedding should be washed weekly on a wash at least 60 degrees Celsius and your curtains every 3 months. The temperature will ensure everything in the fabric is washed and sterilised. At this temperature, it kills the dust mites rather than just washing them away a little.

Wash soft toys – Most kids have stuffed toys in their room but these are also a source of dust mites. Make sure you take the time to wash these properly to help kill the mites.

Use a damp cloth rather than a duster – It may look as though the surfaces are clean when you use a duster however the reality is you are just moving the dust along with it. By using a damp cloth you will be able to pick up more of the dust particles and clean the surface better than with the duster.

Allergies in and around your home

Allergies are not uncommon

If you find from your test that you have an allergy, don’t be alarmed.

They are not uncommon nowadays and for many of us, we might not even realise we have one. Just by changing some of our household cleaning routines, you will find that the majority of your symptoms will stay under control.

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