5 Best Outdoor Toy Ideas For The Summer

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The summer is just around the corner, which calls for BBQs and play dates in the garden. We have recently just finished our garden makeover, which has given us so much more space for entertaining and playing.

With this in mind, we have been looking at the best outdoor toy ideas to keep everyone entertained this summer.

Scooters –

These keep the kids entertained for hours and it doesn’t need to stop at just the kids! There are now scooters for adults too, which means we can join in the fun.

You could also look to get some ramps and rails in the garden once they get a little more confident, and who knows, you could have a little stunt expert in a few year’s time!

Teepees –

Since mine have started to grow up, the options for garden buildings for children have long passed the old plastic houses. There are some gorgeous teepees that are made of wooden cladding, decorate them with some fairy lights and soft cushions to help create that perfect outdoor den.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between the wooden teepees or the fabric ones. If you choose to pick the fabric version, you may wish to invest in the fabric protection spray to help repel the British weather a little!

5 Best Outdoor Toy Ideas For The Summer

Tennis sets –

If you want to get a little more active, how about getting a tennis set and racket to get started? You never know, you might be putting that order in for tennis shoes soon depending on how good your skills are! Check out Tennis HQ if you are after some great tennis gear.

Seriously though, tennis is a great game for the whole family, not only to help you get fit but to help with hand-to-eye coordination too. My two have loved tennis since doing it in primary school, and even now will pick up a racket if there is one there!

Trampolines –

The kids make trampolines look easy, trust me, when you are bouncing away on one the burn is real!

There is a huge range of trampolines on the market now for you to pick from, not only in size and shape but also ones that you can now sink into the ground too.

I personally would suggest that if you are getting one, you ensure you get an enclosure. It won’t stop all accidents potential happening, but it is a long way down from the top of the trampoline with no sides.

5 Best Outdoor Toy Ideas For The Summer

Football goals –

Ok, this one should have maybe been at the top of the list as to me, no garden is complete without a set of football goals. We have had them since before the kids could run and there is a number of footballs around the garden.

You don’t need to invest a small fortune in goals but we have always found that the more expensive ones tend to be slightly better in quality and last longer. If you are short on space, there are some great pop-up goals like these ones. We have had these before and popped them in the shed when we had finished our game.

These are just a few suggestions for the garden but this is just the tip of the iceberg really now when it comes to outside toys, if you are still looking for ideas, don’t forget things such as:

  • Slides
  • Climbing frames
  • Swings
  • Outdoor games such as Giant Jenga and Connect 4
  • Bowling
  • Outdoor darts

Again, these are just ones we have had or played in the past, the market is huge for you to pick from!

I’d love to hear what your favourite outdoor toys are and what you are planning to put in your garden.

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