Upgrading your home to a smart home

As we are looking to update more of our home in the coming months and years, we have been looking at options to upgrade our home to a smart home.

Over the years, the options for making your house a smart home have come on leaps and bounds.

Not only has the number of companies that offer products on the market increased but also the number of items that have been brought out has increased. The one system we are looking at (but not set on!) is the Hive system. It seems to be the most well known and highly recommended systems there is.

Although it is not an Amazon product, it is also compatible with Alexa. This means you can do all sorts of things such as adjusting the heating, the lights and many more things from just talking to Alexa.

The reason we came across this is due to us looking to upgrade our heating, after doing a bit of research not only do lots of boilers come with smart hubs but there is also options to get smart valves for your radiators which means you can adjust the heat of the radiators individually without touching them.

When we eventually move we will be looking to get all our home onto a smart home system, this will include the heatings, lights, security cameras and the alarm. We have already decided that once we get in this work will be done at the start and are planning on saving to get the work saved for ready to go as soon as we are in.

I’m sure over the next few years these home systems will continue to increase their technology and capabilities and I am actually excited to see what they come out with.

Have you got any smart features in your home, I would love to know how you found them to install an how they work for you.

Upgrading your home to a smart home

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