Things to consider when looking to move home

Currently, we are considering whether to stay or go in our current home, but there are so many things to consider when looking to move home. As it stands, with our long term plans I am sure we are likely to move.

Whichever way the decision goes, we are not looking to move for the next 5 years or so but are planning on using that time to get organised and making sure we have everything covered for the move.

Things to consider when looking to move home

It will be our first time selling a house, making the whole journey new, however, I will be making sure that we get lots of advice so we don’t get caught out with an unexpected expense. Here is my list of things we are thinking about already:

  • Stamp duty costs – Last time our home only cost a little in stamp duty, this time I know it is going to be more so we will be saving up some money to get this paid off rather than using the profits from our current house.
  • Removal costs – We moved ourselves last time as we didn’t have much furniture, this time though with a full house and 2 kids & dogs I plan on getting a company to move us. I will look into the different options and costings with this about a year before we plan to move so again I can get some money saved to pay for this!
  • Legal fees – This is a big drain on the budget, especially as we are selling and buying.
  • Estate agent fee – Again this is another one we’ve not really thought about as we were just purchasing.

There are so many more things we need to consider in the long run, but for now, I think our plan is to start looking for our dream home location and work backwards in terms of the budget we are likely to need. We are also going to be starting a pot for our dream home, not to pay it off, just to be used to pay off costs like above. Then when we are settled if there is any money left it can be used towards the new house and things such as alarm installation, to give us peace of mind when we are not there and also towards external lighting.

All I am sure of is I would love a home office so I can make it my own space to work, a drive and a nice not too overlooked garden. As for the look of the home and interior, I am pretty easygoing, at the moment. It is a long way off however we have now started looking to move home.

Things to consider when looking to move home

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