Making the most of the space in a small bathroom

When we brought our house, we were not really interested in the space of the bathroom. To us, as long as it had the essentials in it and a window, that worked for us.

Fast forward a few years and we realised that maybe we had overlooked the space a little. As the kids came along we realised just how much you needed a practical bathroom. It was at this point that we looked into getting our bathroom renovated.

Our bathroom is pretty small, however, with a bit of careful planning, we were able to get not only a practical bathroom but one that was extremely bright.

We decided to go for an L shape bath, this allowed it to work for us when we had showers and easy bath time for the kids. Also going with the L shape made it feel like we had a bit more space compared to if we were to have a bubble style bath. Then we selected a slightly smaller sink than the standard size, we didn’t go for a small sink as this would not work as the main bathroom sink in our opinion. All pipework was then boxed in ready for tiling, I wanted to create a space that was light without having too much on display.

Making the most of the space in a small bathroom

To allow for light to bounce around, we decided that white tiles were the way to go. This way we could change up the coloured accessories should we wish to bring new life into the bathroom but as a cheaper alternative to retiling the whole bathroom.

A bathroom does not need to be huge to make it practical, what it needs is a little clever planning on the layout and design. Of course, if we could have a little more space that would be great however it is not the priorty for us in this house, practicality is!

Making the most of the space in a small bathroom

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