4 Easy organization ideas for small bedrooms

Bedroom space for many is limited, however, we are very clever these days on how to make the most of the space whilst ensuring we give ourselves plenty of storage. You may however still be looking for some organization ideas for small bedrooms.

If you are a little limited on space, there are lots of ways to make a room feel a little bigger than it is but you need to start somewhere, and starting with the clutter and storage is a great place to start. Little steps to get organised are much better than tackling it all in one go and you will find it a little less stressful approaching it this way too.

4 Organization ideas for small bedrooms

1. Declutter and reorganize your bedroom space

Bedrooms are typically the most cluttered room in the house. People tend to store items in their bedrooms because it is not a public space, which makes it less likely for something to get stolen which in turn causes more clutter. It can also be hard to declutter your bedroom because you need to clean up everything at once and there is nowhere else to put anything temporarily.

When organizing your bedroom, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

– Make sure that you have enough closet space for all of your clothes and shoes so that they are not on display or taking up space.

– Ensure that if you want to use a dresser or nightstand, make sure that they are within reach of where you sleep so that they can be used without having unnecessary.

Investing in the correct items to help store your clothes and jewellery is a great way to help with space too. If you have lots of jewellery, consider getting a nice jewellery box that has space to pop your rings, and earrings and somewhere to hang your necklace. It will take up less space than keeping all the individual storage boxes.

4 Easy organization ideas for small bedrooms

2. Start with the closet or wardrobe- think in terms of seasons and occasions, colour, style, etc.

A wardrobe is a space where one can store clothes for different seasons, occasions, and styles. A well-curated wardrobe is an investment in the future. This is because it will teach you how to make good decisions about what to wear. It will teach you how to put together outfits that you like and look good on you.

For clothes not in season, why not invest in some vacuum bags to compact the clothes not needed currently.

3. Use a hanging rod to save floor space in the closet or wardrobe

A hanging rod is a great way to free up some extra floor space in your closet or wardrobe by using the vertical space. You can use it to store clothes, towels, or anything else that you would hang up.

By freeing up some of the space on the floor, you would be able to then safely store items in clear baskets in the bottom to create even more space.

4 Easy organization ideas for small bedrooms

4. Store clothes in clear storage containers or stackable baskets for easy access

When you are in the process of folding your clothes, it is important to fold them so they can be stacked neatly and easily placed in a container. You want to make sure that when you are done with your laundry, it is easy to find what you need for the next day.

I have found that stacking my clothes in clear plastic containers makes it so much easier for me to grab and go. I just grab the container and I’m set. This not only saves space but also time because I don’t have to spend time looking around for what I need.

These are just some tips to help reorganize your bedroom, if you are thinking of other ways to potentially save space, why not look at beds with under-bed storage. Our bedroom is pretty small and we currently have an ottoman bed in our room to bring us that extra space. It does sometimes become the dumping ground as it is out of view, however, we are getting better with this and now use the space to store clothes out of season and Christmas presents!

4 Easy organization ideas for small bedrooms

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